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Document Data Extraction (OCR)

Document Data Extraction (OCR), which minimises manual labour, automates information retrieval from a variety of documents by utilising AI and ML. This effective method greatly speeds up data extraction processes and improves accuracy.

Application List Page and Status Update

Quick status updates and a consolidated view are provided via the Application List Page, which facilitates effective management. This function simplifies the tracking of applications, improves visibility, and enables prompt decision-making.

Fraud Detection System

Our Fraud Detection System employs advanced ML/AI techniques for swift identification and prevention of potential fraudulent activities. Real-time monitoring and adaptive algorithms ensure rapid response, safeguarding against financial losses and enhancing client trust.

In-Application Chat

Within the application interface, In-Application Chat enables smooth, real-time communication between users and partners. By facilitating immediate communication, support, and information sharing without requiring users to leave the application page, this feature improves the user experience. Within the application's integrated environment, it fosters efficiency, responsiveness, and more linked user-partner interaction.

Application Notes

By centralising interactions within the programme, the in-programme chat feature improves communication between users and partners. This simplified method streamlines application management and promotes effective teamwork, prompt problem solving, and smooth information sharing. By removing the requirement for external communication tools, it creates a more integrated and intuitive application environment, improving the user experience overall.

Referral Pipeline Management

Create an easy-to-use referral pipeline with rewards, automated tracking, user-friendly portals, and clear instructions. Promote open communication, offer statistics, and connect to CRM to enable scalability. Establish training, solicit input, and give data security first priority in order to create a robust and win-win partnership ecosystem.

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